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About Me

Greetings. I am James. A spellcaster for over 20 years. Throughout my life, I have been very involved with the ways of spirits, as well as the ways of the Magickal Arts. My school of Magick is a mix of both modern, and traditional forms of magick from cultures all around the world, and all rituals have been tested an incredible amount of times before being released to the public. My main line of work involves invoking spirits from the very planets of our Solar system, and beyond. Join me, as I would like to help improve the lives of others, and to help bring solutions to your rough situations. Feel free to ask questions, contact me via the simple contact form on my page, or browse my booth on Bonanza to see what is available. Hoping to work with you all soon. 


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As required by law, all items sold by this seller are for individuals 18 years of age or older. All products sold on Bonanza, Etsy, or This site by seller are for entertainment purposes only. All products and services sold by seller are not viable replacements for medical, psychological, or legal services and should not be used to replace traditional medicine or legal advice. We will not be held liable or accountable for any consequences resulting from our services. All sales final and no refunds or returns under any circumstances.

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